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Heavy duty Truck Diagnostic Diesel Software

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PACCAR ESA Electronic Service Analyst v 2017 with SW flash files (INSTALL UNLIMITED COMPUTER)






ESA has been released to Production. This release includes support for P30-1030-114 Rev 2, and P30-1041-013 CECU3 software. It also contains multiple updates with the largest being support for CECU3-500 control units. The update is available for download.


Changes Implemented


New Features:


·         Support for CECU3-500 control units


o    Designed for use with the P30-1041-013 software


·         P30-1041-013 NAMUX CECU3-500 software supported


o    Required update


o    New Features:


§  None


o    Defect Fixes:


§   Databus failure for CECU turns on too quickly when key is in the off position


§   Exterior Lighting - Stop Lamps Are Activated After Ignition Is Turned Off


§   Starter Motor starts in gear for advantage automated because of parameter setting


·         P30-1030-114 Rev2 NAMUX CECU3 software supported


o    Optional Update


o    New Features:


§  None in this revision


o    Defect Fixes:


§  Switched the Brake Vendor Parameter to an internal only parameter.


·         Implemented autobaud connection speed for connecting to control units


·         Upgraded ESA to .NET 4.7 Framework


o    Upgrade should resolve UI issues where dialog boxes would be “cut off” due to incompatible screen resolutions.


Defect fixes:


·         Updated Dymo Label Printer template


o    Includes support for latest Dymo Printer drivers


·         Fixed known issue restoring parameters for vehicles upgrading from an ICU to CECU3 causing ESA to crash due to Q21-1029 part number.


·         Implemented DM13 Stop and Hold CAN traffic during ESA flashing process to prevent inadvertent fault codes.




Known Issues:


·         The NEXIQ USB-Link 2 has known driver issues. After flashing a CECU3 with a NAMUX 2 software package (P30-1002-XXX, P30-1008-XXX, P30-1017-XXX, P30-1019-XXX, P30-1030-XXX, P30-1032-XXX), attempts to immediately connect post-flashing will likely fail.


o    Close ESA and completely disconnect the NEXIQ DLA before attempting to connect if this issue occurs. The second option is to use a NEXIQ USB-Link 1 for the connection.


o    NEXIQ is currently working on an updated driver. Current plans are to have a beta version for PACCAR internal use available November 17th,with a release version available at the end of December.


·         JPRO DLA+ 2.0 and DLA+Wireless 2.0 will not detect PACCAR Display 1.0 on 2016 vehicles without the use of a crossover cable; not a significant concern since 2016 vehicles should not have PACCAR Display 1.0 devices installed


Type of catalogue: Diagnostic Software

Region: WorldWide

Ilanguages: English

OS: XP Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8/8.1 32 bit, Windows 8/8.1 64 bit, Windows 10 32 bit, Windows 10 64 bit

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